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“Business As Usual” Is Anything But

With new technological advances in today’s modern office, the administrative professional must fill many roles. Through Tri-County’s Administrative Office Technology program, you’ll gain skills in critical thinking, office systems and software, interpersonal relations, and other traits that will make you invaluable to any business office team. Full semester courses in Word, Excel and Access take you beyond the basics into a world of advanced skills necessary to succeed in almost any industry, ranging from schools and colleges to medical offices to businesses, large and small. During your course of study, you’ll not only be exposed to topics like accounting, office management and desktop publishing, but you will also have an opportunity for an internship with one of our area partners.

We also offer diploma and certificate programs that build on one another, offering a stackable pathway to your degree, as well as an associate degree that places emphasis on the Medical Office setting. 

Schedule of Courses: AOT

Schedule of Courses: AOT, Medical Emphasis

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High Demand 
The AOT program at Tri-County is up-to-date to meet the needs of our surrounding businesses. Because we focus on maximizing efficiencies and productivity, the skills you’ll learn are in constant demand. The computer skills and advanced office skills you’ll gain are ideal in most any high-tech setting, especially technical, legal and medical. Our area employers especially appreciate that our students have a full semester of Word, Excel and Access, so they can go well beyond the bare basics.


AOT: Medical Emphasis Offers a Needle-Free Health Care Career 

There are many opportunities to work in health care settings that do not involve direct-patient care. In fact, office jobs in hospitals, doctor’s offices, long-term care facilities, and other ambulatory settings are in high demand. The complexity of medical terms and procedures requires specialized training, training that’s available right here. Learn skills in electronic patient scheduling and billing, advanced office and computer skills specific to the high-tech medical office environment, as well as a range of tasks that support the daily operations of various health care settings, including medical vocabulary, information processing, communication skills and office management. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge and experience that will help you succeed in a health care setting. 

Schedule of Courses: AOT, Medical Emphasis


Fully Accredited
ACBSP’s student-centered teaching and learning approach, which is measured and analyzed for quality, will ensure that you gain the right skills from your educational investment.
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Student Achievements

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On and Off Ramps 
Ideal for the student who experiences “life” and all its ups and downs, this program is designed in such a way that you can earn certificates along the way. Each certificate leads to the associate degree, giving students the opportunity to achieve success.

AOT Stackable Information

AOT Medical Emphasis Stackable Information


Career Pathways for Success
Students who are still in high school may consider taking college courses now to get a jumpstart on completing your degree at Tri-County. View a sample pathway here.


Transfer Agreements
For students who wish to continue work toward a four-year degree, we encourage you to work with your advisor on the steps that are best for your plans. Learn more about transfer options here.