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Criminal Justice

If you are motivated by the desire to help people and make a difference in the community, a career in the field of Criminal Justice might be exactly what you’re looking for. Ideal for those who thrive on doing something different every day, as well as those who are able to work equally well on a team or independently, our program prepares you for fantastic options in this public service arena.

Most of our students, about 70%, have a strong passion for work in law enforcement, but the Criminal Justice program prepares students for careers beyond what you might traditionally think about. Classroom training and field experiences will also train you for careers in corrections and detention centers; communications and dispatch; victim and witness advocacy; court clerkships; pardon, probation and parole; loss prevention; and the fast-growing area of private security.

To enhance the training students already receive in the Criminal Justice courses, the College has recently invested in an incredible new form of advanced technology. The new Situational Trainer helps students learn de-escalation tactics to reduce the use of deadly force, as well as to develop skills in firearms use and marksmanship skills.

We also offer a certificates in Leadership and Management and Police Pre-Academy Training.


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Program of Study Credential/Outcome Eligible for Financial Aid Course Scheduling Location
Certified Protection Officer Noncredit, Prof Dev Call 864-646-1700 Web-based w/Instructor Online
Criminal Justice Technology Associate Degree Yes Day Online,Pendleton
Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Emphasis Associate Degree Yes Day Anderson,Online,Pendleton
Criminal Justice, Paralegal Emphasis Associate Degree Yes Day Online,Pendleton
Law School for Non-Lawyers Noncredit, Prof Dev Call 864-646-1700 Evening Pendleton
Leadership & Management Certificate Yes Day Online,Pendleton
Police Pre-Academy Training Certificate Certificate Yes Day,Evening Pendleton
SLED Training Noncredit, Prof Dev Call 864-646-1700 Day Anderson QJC,Pendleton
Image of an instructor teaching students how to investigate a crime scene

Top-Notch Faculty 
Our faculty members have worked in every component of law enforcement, ranging from SWAT to canine officer service and from court experts to hostage negotiators. With a combined 30,000+ hours of training, you’ll benefit from their real-world learning experiences. Plus, they have maintained quality relationships and connections with large and small agencies throughout the state that will create opportunities for internships, ride-alongs, visits to forensics labs and more.

Image of students taking images and brushing for fingerprints

Portfolio Credit 
Law enforcement training is required of all police officers by South Carolina law. The training required involves patrol procedures, defensive tactics, case law, courtroom procedures, and associated legal principles. Police officers attend the SC Criminal Justice Academy (SCCJA) for Basic Law Enforcement, Basic Jail, and a host of other advanced courses throughout their career. The training they receive is both beneficial and due consideration of college credit through the portfolio process. Criminal Justice Faculty uses this guideline to evaluate officers documented training for credit awards. Training received by providers other than SCCJA will be evaluated on a case-by case basis. Portfolio credit is capped at 15 credit hours.

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Image of an instructor talking to students next to a cop car

Field Experiences 
We ensure you have a number of quality opportunities to gain real-world, hands-on experiences throughout the program, but we don’t stop there. One of our exciting summer trip options is a trip to Washington, DC, to tour the Supreme Court, FBI Headquarters, the National Archives and more. Additionally, we are developing an overseas option that will enable our students to study in London and Scotland to visit historic castles that were once prisons and to walk along the Whitechapel District where the infamous Jack the Ripper murders happened.

Joel McCall, Kaleb Grant, Chris McFarlin

From left, Joel McCall, Kaleb Grant, Dr. Chris McFarlin

What Our Students Say

CRJ Instructors,

I just wanted to take a moment once more to express my appreciation for you attending my SCCJA graduation last week. It meant a lot having you both there and your support of students long after graduation speaks volumes about you as instructors, as well as the quality of the program as a whole. I'd also like to thank you for preparing me so well academically. Nearly all of the classroom curriculum taught at the Academy was material that I was already familiar and comfortable with thanks to your classes. Because of the classes that I took at TCTC, the Academy was far less stressful for me than it was for the majority of my classmates. While many were hearing various laws and legal concepts for the first time, I was already very familiarized with much of the material thanks to your program. If you ever need anything from me, feel free to let me know. Likewise, I appreciate the fact that you have both expressed your willingness to help me with anything that I may need. You guys are great. Keep up the good work, what you do is making a difference.

Thanks again,

Kaleb Grant - Deputy Sheriff
Anderson County Sheriff's Office
Uniform Patrol Division - Bravo Shift

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Career Pathways for Success

Students who are still in high school may consider taking college courses now to get a jumpstart on completing your degree at Tri-County. View a sample pathway here.


Transfer Agreements 
For students who wish to continue work toward a four-year degree, we encourage you to work with your advisor on the steps that are best for your plans. We do have agreements already in place for students to transfer seamlessly to Anderson University, The Citadel and Southern Wesleyan. Learn more about transfer options here.

Paralegal Emphasis 
We also offer a pathway of studies that emphasize paralegal studies. This track provides theoretical, practical, and technical applications of legal skills. Students will develop a well-rounded understanding of the scope and role of paralegal professionals in the legal system. Learn more.

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Criminal Justice Program





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