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The media arts programs at Tri-County encompass visual media, graphic design, interactive media, computer animation, audio production, broadcast regulations, and more. Courses will prepare you to create media content wherever it is needed and to work in a variety of positions in the growing field of mass communications. You’ll train for careers that include audio and video production, videography, TV and radio production, photo journalism, copywriting, video editing, electronic media, web design, production and direction. You’ll learn to write, light, shoot, interview, record and edit content for multiple media platforms, while developing your personal talent and style as a communicator. 


•  Media Arts Production, A.A.S.

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Certificates are also available as options within our Media Arts Production program. Learn more.



First Class Faculty and Facilities

The MAP faculty have tremendous experience in the media and communications fields, having worked in television, radio, design and more. But we don’t stop there. We keep growing and learning to stay ahead of trends in traditional and emerging career options for our students. We have certified trainers for Adobe and Adobe Certified Experts on our team to share relevant knowledge with you.

We have a newly updated multimedia facility where students and faculty work independently and collaboratively to create content, and we continually work with our advisory board to ensure our students are getting real-world experiences.

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Career Pathways for Success 
Students who are still in high school may consider taking college courses now to get a jumpstart on completing your degree at Tri-County. View a sample pathway here.


After Tri-County...

With an 80% placement rate, your chances of getting that first great job are great. Our graduates are going to work in the field, landing positions in traditional broadcast settings, but also in organizations with emerging media needs and in-house design teams, including healthcare, nonprofit and manufacturing.


100% Student Run
Radio Station

The Media Arts Production program has a great way to offer hands-on experiences to our students that can benefit us all! 


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